Our Pricing

We want you to be comfortable and understand how our fees work. Our services are exclusively fee-only rather than commission-based. We do this for a simple reason: you deserve to know for sure that we are operating with professional integrity. One of our core values is transparency and by operating in a fee-only manner, you know how we get paid so that there is no hidden agenda, fees/commissions, or conflicts of interest.

How Our Services Are Priced

Ongoing Services

We believe that clients benefit most from a long-term relationship with an advisor over time, so
we offer both financial planning and investment advice on an ongoing basis.


T Rowland Financial Services offers ongoing investment services on a full-service assets under- management basis (we take care of everything for you).

Asset Management

Full-service asset management clients have all the same benefits as ongoing financial planning clients in terms of service level, access to tools, etc. In addition, we take care of investment management issues, including asset allocation, investment selections, and managing the tax impact of investments. We consolidate accounts as much as possible and make the different types of accounts you own work together as an entire portfolio designed to meet your objectives. We report to you periodically on how your portfolio is doing and stay abreast of your planning needs.

We do not have an account minimum, but as a practical matter, for smaller accounts, an investment plan may be sufficient and be the most economical for you. We have clients from all walks of wealth.

T Rowland Financial Services will provide portfolio analysis and general recommendations of asset allocation as part of financial planning services but does not provide periodic or ongoing specific investment recommendations for clients that wish to manage their own portfolios. Please know that for general recommendations of asset allocation, we do not bear responsibility for the tax impact of investment changes, since we have no control over the implementation of our recommendations.

One-Time and On-Going Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services are priced at an hourly rate of $300/hour. Services provided may be one-time or on an ongoing basis. One-time plans are priced at either an hourly rate or an agreed-upon project fee that ranges from $1,500 - $6,000. Factors included in our time estimate include: time spent meeting with you, research and analysis of your data, and formulation of recommendations tailored to your unique situation. Before financial planning services are provided, a signed Client Service Agreement is required that outlines the services to be provided and agreed-upon applicable fees.

Assistance with implementation is not included in one-time planning, although we may provide reminders, and referrals to other professionals you may need to execute the plan. The client always has the option to hire us at the hourly rate for this additional assistance.

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